The highlight of 2016 was celebrating my mother’s 90th Birthday in May. An amazing lady who is much admired around family, friends, and village. We held her celebration party in St. Luke’s church hall with many other small events around the week.

When she was 85 we took her on a cruise and jokingly said we would take her on another cruise for her 90th. Little did we know she would remind us 5 years later. Full of energy dancing at midnight and then pizza & coffee before bed. Kept us on our toes!

At work

I’m enjoying the change of life from the corporate world. Our health and fitness app WAFFL launched on the iPhone in October and we’re watching a steady growth of downloads. I’m also enjoying my work as a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant – helping various businesses promote themselves in this digital world.

Nimmi is now working in accounts for No.1 Lounges – handy for pre-flight hospitality. Amateur dramatics keeps her busy and this Christmas she is in the chorus singing and dancing in Cinderella with Barnes Community Players.

With my camera

Less time this year for formal photography but I do enjoy using either my Nikon camera or my iPhone to capture events and travels. All too often using the iPhone is quick and easy to snap and share on Facebook. Take a look at some of my 2016 photos.


We spent our Christmas 2015 and New Year Eve in Sri Lanka. Spending time with Nimmi’s family, sightseeing Kandy, Jaffna by train and whale watching. Very enjoyable but my first Christmas not eating my mother’s Turkey on Christmas Day.

During the year, we travelled to Alicante, Modena twice and then Aachen for the Christmas market.

Highlight of year was our cruise starting Venice stopping in Bari, Greece and Croatia. We were planning Turkey for a wedding but had to cancel due to terrorist and civil war distractions.

What's On My Mind

Whilst I’m not interested in politics I did get slightly distracted by all the election propaganda in UK and USA – some truthful, some made up. With the disagreements, refugees and war’s around the world I can’t understand why there cannot be peace. As the lyrics say “For rich and the poor ones, The world is so wrong…Let's stop all the fight” and “Imagine all the people, Living life in peace”

Let’s hope that 2017 brings us more love and peace.

Wishing you Seasonal Greetings, a Happy New Year and good health to you, your family and friends.