my 2018

My 2018 sped by fast. Always busy at work and play. With our little grandson Noah with us on Sunday/Monday’s there is little time for rest. During the year we enjoyed a few holidays as well as day’s out in London.

Nimmi managed to find time performing with her Barnes friends in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. The many rehearsals paid off with an excellent performance.

My mother Rene, as always, is very active with her social and community life. She still, with a little help, keeps her garden in very good shape; and finds time for holidays with her sisters.

At work

A busy work year for me, mainly contracting for a Canadian AI company, working with WAFFL, as well as my own Digital Marketing clients. I also coordinated the publishing of a 2nd poetry book as part of my charity work. 

Nimmi has progressed in her accounting career with No.1 Lounges – probably due to a mixture of accounting and cake making skills for her office colleagues. 

With my camera

As well as travels, I take my cameras around London for various events, including the Royal Wedding in Windsor. I have also been doing photography work for a media company for concerts and film launches – including O2 Arena, Wembley and Leicester Square. See more of my 2018 photos.


This year our travels included a winter visit to Switzerland; a spring visit to our place in Spain; and Poorna’s wedding plus sightseeing in Sri Lanka – a good chance to meet up with Nimmi’s family from Australia, Canada, America and Europe. I visited Toronto, but as a work visit – not much time to explore.  I also help run Globetrotters Travel Club in London.

What's On My Mind

Enjoy life, eat well, keep well, exercise when you can. We have a good diet and enjoy our dog walks around Bricket Wood / Watford / Abbots Langley. Keep in touch with family and friends. Have respect for others and the planet.

Wishing you Seasonal Greetings, a Happy New Year and good health to you, your family and friends. Fa la la la la, la la la la