My 2021

My 2021

Another year of not much happening with both of us working from home most of the year. And then back to the office. And now back to home working. Hope this all ends soon.

Otherwise our main project during the year is the rebuilding of the family bungalow. It was sad to see it go, but in its place will be our new home which we hope to move into in April/May 2022. Lots of project monitoring of a great local builder. Memories live on in the garden and next challenge to upkeep the garden to my Mother’s standards.

At work

Whilst I enjoyed the flexibility and zero travel whilst working from home, when I did return, I enjoyed mixing with my colleagues and the work environment. Most of my Access Self Storage work is with technical marketing projects and external agencies, so Zoom and other productivity tools helped keep me on top of things.

Nimmi’s work at No.1 Lounges slowed down for most of the year as the travel industry was quiet but has now picking up again. She is progressing well with her reflexology training and should qualify next year. Noah, at 4, is growing fast, holds a good conversation and has now started school. 

With my camera

I’ve not done a lot of non-iPhone photography this year, but my Nikon camera skills are starting to be used at work as we open new stores or hold events.


In July we went to Fuengirola, Spain for a week at Club La Costa resort – one our favorite places. We were a group of seven and enjoyed good food, lovely weather and sightseeing. More importantly a change of scene from the UK lockdowns. In September an overnight train took us to a long weekend in Edinburgh and a chance to visit this lovely city, whisky tasting and a scenic tour to Loch Ness (no monster!)

What's On My Mind

The restrictions and lockdowns have allowed many of us to change our work & play routines. Hopefully realising a change of live style and reduced travel are for the better. Also how much we appreciate when we are able to meet family and friends when times are safe.

Hoping that 2022 will be a much better year and re-open safe opportunities to meet one another and enjoy this lovely planet we live in. 

Wishing you Seasonal Greetings, Happy New Year and good health to you, your family and friends.